Les Histoires de quartier d’Oxmo Puccino

2022 Illustrations / Arte

I did the illustration for the Arte Radio radio documentary “Les Histoires de quartier d’Oxmo Puccino” directed by Oxmo Puccino and David Commelias.

Accompanied by director David Commeillas, rapper and writer Oxmo Puccino sets out to meet strong personalities from the neighborhoods: artists like Mehla Bédia and Médine, but also and above all anonymous people who follow one another at the microphone with an authentic banter to tell their most strong “neighborhood story”. So of course, there are fights, dealers defending their territory, a shooting at a hip-hop party… But there are also stories of family, exotic bird and love born between the towers . This fresh and cash series offers a collection of the living memory of neighborhoods to tell the France of today. An ARTE Radio production.